1 Infinitely adjustable closing speed (180–0°)
2 Infinitely adjustable latching action (7–0°)
3 Closing force adjustment for doors between 0.6 – 1.4m wide

A Smoother opening/closing action

Thanks to its pistons and sliding rollers mounted in teflon, the T6 is top of the class when it comes to low-resistance fluidity. Your benefits: Around 20% less effort when opening the door – which is of particular importance for children and the elderly.

B No additional adjustments in winter

The patented thermostable adjusting valves guarantee a consistent closing speed, even with fluctuating temperatures (e.g. on external doors). It is not necessary to make any seasonal adjustments for winter.

C More user-friendly closing

The patented gear-cam hybrid drive combines the best of two worlds: An optimum force path thanks to the cam drive, enormous closing force and compact dimensions with a gear drive.