A modern concept in a sleek design based on high-quality architecture. The housing is cast from a single piece of aluminium and the controls are covered with panels of solid stainless steel.


Small but powerful – the slim housing of the T6 does not just look good, its intrinsic values make it shine: Patented hybrid drive, teflon bearing piston, thermostable valves. High-tech functionality for an improved opening action.


Renowned TJSS quality, owing to 70 years experience in the construction of door closers. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The smallest in its class

With a mounting height of just 43 mm and an overall height of 53 mm, the T6 is designed to be extremely compact. It not only looks good, but also means it can be reliably installed in confined spaces.

Short and sweet

With its optional shor t rail, the T6 looks like it is made from a single piece: A visual impression of unified body and rail, with the most negligible of gaps. The T6 fits per fectly in the door frame.