The new TJSS T6 Perfectly designed opening action

The TJSS T6 sets new standards in the construction of door closers. Its clear linear form, quality materials and compact housing make every door look good.

Designed for an improved opening action, it combines patented innovations with 70 years of experience in the construction of door closers. The result is impressive: Less ef for t, more user-friendly closing action and a more consistent closing speed. Thanks to its outstanding intrinsic values, the T6 satisfies all the regulatory standards with ease, from fire protection to accessibility. This single model fits doors from 0.6 to 1.4m wide. Other special models for specific applications complete this range. The versatility of the T6 means it can be used on almost every door.

The TJSS T6. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland.


Short and sweet

With its optional shor t rail, the T6 looks like it is made from a single piece: A visual impression of unified body and rail, with the most negligible of gaps. The T6 fits per fectly in the door frame.

The smallest in its class

With a mounting height of just 43 mm and an overall height of 53 mm, the T6 is designed to be extremely compact. It not only looks good, but also means it can be reliably installed in confined spaces.

Smoother opening/closing action

Thanks to its pistons and sliding rollers mounted in teflon, the T6 is top of the class when it comes to low-resistance fluidity. Your benefits: Around 20% less effort when opening the door – which is of particular importance for children and the elderly.

No additional adjustments in winter

Patentierte thermostabile Einstellventile garantieren eine konstante Schliessgeschwindigkeit auch bei schwankenden Temperaturen, (zB. bei Aussentüren). Das regelmässige Nachstellen im Winter entfällt.

More user-friendly closing

The patented gear-cam hybrid drive combines the best of two worlds: An optimum force path thanks to the cam drive, enormous closing force and compact dimensions with a gear drive.