Fire protection

For the fire protection, electromechanical locking devices (EMF) are available for the slide rail door closer T46 and the closing procedure regulator Y46 GSR. The electromechanic locking device fixes the door in an open condition as long as the locking is activated. If the fire alarm is triggered, the doors shut automatically.

Fire alarms and magnetic clamps are also available as accessories.



T46 EMF - for 1-leaf doors                  T46 EMF GSR - for 2-leaf doors
with an electromechanic locking device     with an electromechanic locking device



Door closer T46 EMF

with electromagnetic locking device for 1-leaf fire doors

 Tested in accordance with DIN 1154 for fire doors.
 T46 EMF prospectus


Product features

  • Attractively designed slide rail consisting of an installation rail and a slide rail.
  • Very easy installation without visible installation parts.
  • Electromechanic locking device for the coupling of fire alarm systems.
  • Electric lock 24 VDC/1.8W. 40–60 Nm of retention force allows the door to be closed by pulling shut slightly.
  • Adjustable locking angle of 80°– 120°.
  • Variable door widths of: 0.6–1.1 m (size 2-4) and 1.0–1.4 m (size 3-6)


Product features

A classy design and a simple installation.

  • The attractively shaped slide rail contains no visible installation parts, is very compact and stable.
  • The fixation rail and slide rail are readily cut according to the hinge distance (A) and delivered ready for installation (length: hinge distance A – 10 mm).
  • The slide rail closing sequence controller is a thrust bar clamping system with overload protection; this rules out damage.
  • The logical closing sequence keeps the inactive door open until the active door is shut.

EMF (electromagnetic locking device)

  • All parts are invisible in the slide rail (connection: 24 VDC on fire alarm systems).
  • stop of 80˚ –120˚ adjustable.
  • With 1 electromechanic locking device (EMF) in the active door, both doors can be kept open.
  • With 2 electromechanic locking devices (EMF), the inactive door can be kept open independently.
  • By pulling the active door shut (approx. 40 Nm), both doors are closed correctly.



  T46 EMF-B – hinge-side normal installation       T46 EMF-G – counter-hinge-side door leaf

Procedure when installing the slide rail


Door closer T46 GSR-EMF

Slide rail closing sequence controller with electromechanic locking device for 2-leaf fire doors

 Tested in accordance with DIN 1154 for fire doors. TJSS T46 prospectus.
 Installationmanual T46 GSR EMF



  T46 GSR-B – hinge-side normal installation       T46 GSR-G – counter-hinge-side door leaf


Function / installation


Hinge-side normal installation


T46 GSR-G Counter-hinge-side installation