Closing sequence controller TJSS T46 GSR

The rail slide closing sequence controller ensures the closing of 2-leaf doors in the correct sequence – first the active leaf and then the inactive leaf.

 Tested in accordance with DIN 1154 for fire doors. 
 Data sheet closing sequence controller TJSS T46 GSR


Product features

A classy design and a simple installation

  • The attractively shaped slide rail contains no visible installation parts, and is very compact and stable.
  • The fixation rail and slide rail are readily cut according to the hinge distance (A) and delivered ready for installation (length: hinge distance A – 10 mm).
  • The slide rail closing sequence controller is a thrust bar clamping system with overload protection; this rules out damage.
  • The logical closing sequence keeps the inactive door open until the active door is shut.



     T46 GSR-B for hinge-side installation          T46 GSR-G for counter-hinge-side door leaf


Function / installation

T46 GSR-B for hinge-side installation

T46 GSR-G for counter-hinge-side installation