TJSS T46 – The slide rail door closer

Ergonomics and aesthetics ideally combined.
The slide rail door closer with steplessly adjustable closing force for the design sizes EN 2-4 has two separately adjustable speed valves for the ideal adjustment of the closing sequence., Due to its design with Teflon-coated pistons and a slide rail roller, the TJSS T46 has a very low level of friction loss. For the fire protection, electromechanical locking devices (EMF) are available for the slide rail door closer T46 and the closing sequence regulator T46 GSR.




 Tested in accordance with DIN 1154 for fire doors. 
 TJSS T46 prospectus


Product features

  • Design size EN 2-4 (door width from 0.6m to 1.10m).
  • Tested in accordance with DIN 1154 for fire doors. 
  • Massive aluminium housing with attachable plastic casing.
  • High-quality aluminium slide rails.
  • Two independently adjustable closing speed ranges from 0°–12° and from 12°–180°.
  • A long lifecycle for all parts used thanks to excess load valves.
  • Printed symbols show all settings and functions in a self-explanatory manner.
  • Available in all RAL colours.



  • Consistent closing speed thanks to newly developed, thermo-stable regulation valve.
  • Minimal friction loss due to Teflon-coated pistons. End closing force of 12–30 Nm steplessly adjustable.
  • All valves can be comfortably adjusted from the front and are labelled and therefore easy to operate for everybody.
  • 6 laterally fitted installation borings allow a simple and easy fitting of the TJSS-T46.
  • The slide rail is fitted with rollers.
  • This reduces the friction in the rail by 70%.