T44 locking device

Order No. 2.21.x

  • With 3-step retention force settings
  • Retention force off Half retention force
  • Full retention force

The retention angle can be freely selected from 15°–180°






Base plate made from aluminium

Order No. 2.37.x

Use our base plate if the doorframe protrudes by more than 4 mm.








Flat bars

Order No. 2.23.x

In the event of limited space above the door, e.g. due to low-hanging ceilings, we offer the right solution in our special flat bars, which are only 11 mm thick.





Bars with safety catch

Order No. 2.27.x

Prevents unhinging by unauthorised individuals.



Universal installation plate

Order No. 2.39.x

Application: If no direct fixation is possible.

To replace the following door closer brands:
GEZE: TS2000 and TS4000
DORMA: TS73 and TS83
BKS: Vario 86, OTS 330 and OTS 530



Angular bracket T44

Order No. 2.22.x