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TJSS NOVO – The classic

Tried and tested quality in a classic design.

The famous TJSS Novo door closer has proven itself in decades of use is still popular with our customers. The closing force can be adjusted steplessly for the design sizes EN 2-5. The unique construction from steel pipes makes the TJSS Novo particularly durable.






 TJSS NOVO prospectus


Product features

  • Design size EN 2-5 (door widths from 0.6m to 1.25m).
  • Timeless design.
  • Durable steel pipe construction with attachable plastic casing.
  • Latching can be switched on or off with a specific bar position.
  • The attachable axis can be pulled out up to 25mm.
  • This also makes an installation with trim strips or special doors easy.
  • Available in all RAL colours.


  • Temperature-insensitive, as the closing speed is controlled in the thermostat.
  • Closing force steplessly adjustable.
  • Printed symbols show all settings and functions in a self-explanatory manner.
  • Double ball bearing results in a small opening force and great closing force.