TJSS F-T46/50 Free-wheel door closer


For freely moveable doors that must close automatically in the event of a fire.
The free-wheel basic version F-T46/50 allows the door to move without resistance, the door runs freely. In the event of a fire, an electric pulse ensures that a standarm close the door securely. Available in two sizes for doors from 0.6-1.4m wide.



Brochure TJSS F-T46/50
Overview of TJSS fire protection products



Product features

  • The use of a standard door closer
  • No electrical connection cable (wall mounted door closer)
  • No slipping or creeping shut of the door, no springback (pressure build-up)
  • Minimal maintenance and long life guarantee high efficiency
  • Breaker button on the magnetic latch
  • Easy installation and guaranteed purchase by competent authorities


Use: Hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the disabled and RDA systems, which have to guarantee a secure closure at 50 Pa positive pressure (F-T50).




Mode of operation


The design consists of a base plate onto which the door closer and a magnet are screwed. A closing arm with a magnetic arm and magnetic disk is mounted on the door closer. When the door is opened, the magnetic arm rotates with the magnetic disk until it strikes the electric holding magnet. If the electric-magnet is live, the door closer is held in place thus enabling the free-wheeling. In the event of an alarm, the power supply to the electric holding magnet is stopped and the door closer turns back and closes the door. The required door opening angle is adjusted with the coupling on the magnetic arm.


1. Tensioning

When the door is first opened, the door closer is tensioned (rotated) until the magnetic arm strikes the holding magnet.



2. Freilauf

Der Elektro-Haftmagnet ist eingeschaltet und hält den Türschliesser fest (Freilauf eingeschaltet). Die Türe ist frei beweglich.





3. Alarm

The electric holding magnet is dead when the alarm goes off. The magnetic arm rotates and closes the door securely.

Dimension drawing of the Base Plate